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Ep.9 Discount (Aug 6 2020)

What dangers are there in running discount user research techniques? What is discount research good for?

Stickynotes episode 9, August 6 2020

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What dangers are there in running discount user research techniques? What is discount research good for?

Cheap, fast interviews, usability sessions, and intercept studies can give you great insights into your user base and how they view your products. But it’s important not to confuse the methods with a lack of experimental rigor.

If you want to learn more about what discount/guerrilla techniques even *are*, Amanda has a course on guerrilla user research techniques on LinkedIn Learning

During this session we worked out that rather than a choice between regular and discount/guerrilla UX techniques, there’s actually more of a continuum. UX researchers most often have to adjust the scope of the research to fit a certain timeframe and budget.

That might mean doing a full-on traditional study, or it might mean using discount techniques to recruit participants, find suitable locations, or present people with appropriate tasks in the context of use. It might also determine how you report back the findings – full report or quick debrief.

So having discount methods in your toolkit is a way of increasing the likelihood that you can get good research results in limited-budget or limited-time situations.

It’s important to note that these discount/guerrilla techniques are ones that you should be able to use in addition to regular studies. It’s essential that you know how to run regular studies (and why they are run that way) before you start making the changes necessary to run discount techniques.

In other words, discount techniques should be seen as advanced techniques rather than starter research methods.

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