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Three user experience researchers discuss the things it takes to make stuff happen

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Ep.15 Solo (Oct 1 2020)

Are you a UX team of one? What can you do to co-opt the rest of your product team to do your work for you and improve the product immensely at the same time?

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Ep.14 Coding (Sep 10 2020)

Do UX people need to be able to code? It’s not our primary responsibility, but is it a useful skill to have?

Ep.13 Pairing (Sep 3 2020)

Devs often pair program. Companies that embrace it love the benefits. Have you tried pair research? Or pairing with someone from another discipline?

Ep.12 Stories (Aug 27 2020)

A large proportion of UX work involves telling stories about user behavior to disbelieving team members and executives. What’s the best way to successfully get the message across?

Ep.11 Counterintuitive (Aug 20 2020)

Feel like you’re stuck? Like the team isn’t listening to your UX research findings? Sometimes the best way forward is to do something totally counterintuitive.