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Ep. 27 Post-Pandemic (Apr 1 2021)

What might UX careers look like post-pandemic both in the near term and further out? More or less demand? Remote or in-person?

Stickynotes Apr 1 2021

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What might UX careers look like post-pandemic both in the near term and further out? More or less demand? Remote or in-person?

We’re not out of the woods yet, but it’s time to look forwards and think about what the changes in the general workplace and the whole world mean for jobs in UX, and the work we do.

We covered two aspects of UX; doing the job, and also getting into the field.

  • “Hybrid” is the word of the day. Some of us want to get back to in-person work, some have adapted to remote work and prefer it. For almost every UX researcher, there’s going to be some combination of both for a while yet.
  • We have to make contingency plans. Scheduling an in-person study for 4 months out seems relatively safe (in the USA), but who knows what will happen to infection rates and vaccination rates between now and then.
  • Despite good advances over the past year, the tools for remote UX research work still aren’t that good. There’s no great mobile remote study tool, for instance. Stickynote tools online are basically replicating the real world rather than actually solving the underlying issues we use stickies to resolve.

When it comes to getting jobs,

  • Employers won’t have the luxury of requiring years of experience for much longer. As the people with experience get hired, employers will need to look to a wider pool for recruiting, even to the point of providing training (Amazon and Microsoft are both already doing this).
  • There’s still a need to get *some* real-world experience in order to show you know your stuff. This previous episode and this section of the site have more thoughts and suggestions on that.

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