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Ep.23 Newbie (Dec 3 2020)

How do you get into UX as a first job or as a transition from another role?

Stickynotes episode 23, Dec 3 2020

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How do you get into UX as a first job or as a transition from another role?

User Experience is an attractive job role. Lots of people want to enter the field either straight out of school or by moving from another career.

But because it’s attractive, there are lots of other people trying to do the same thing. What can you do to improve your prospects?

Some links for you:

Cory wrote The UX Careers Handbook (amazon link) with its associated web site.

Cory also created a LinkedIn Learning course on Planning a Career in UX

Chris has a course on Getting Started in UX which is primarily a jumping-off point to all the other UX content on LinkedIn Learning.

Chris also has a brand new course on Finding a Job in UX

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